Bookkeeping - Monthly Financial Statements - Taxes - Payrolls - Advisory Services
Our team accumulated experiences from bookkeeping, external auditing, internal audit, accounting advisory, and taxation from leading organizations, Thai and foreign MNCs. Our clients are tech companies, startups, medium-sized companies, and subsidiaries of foreign companies who are operating in Thailand. We provide them with accounting, tax, auditing and advisory services. Our accounting platforms are cloud-based enhancing real-time operation processing where clients can access anywhere and anytime (with internet access). At AccountingOnline, we’re not only your accountant, but also your advisor and business partner. - why are we different?
  • Cash flow projection: we can provide the management with forecasted cash flow to be received and paid in the next 1 month, for your management and decision making.
  • Monthly financial statements: our clients don’t have to wait until the year-ended to know where they are in terms of profitability, liquidity, financial position, and leverage situation. These are keys to monitor for your business success.
  • Online generated/approved documents: with cloud-based technology, clients can generate documents such as invoice, purchase order, sale order, and delivery note via mobile application/web-based access.
  • On-time, accurate, and complete tax submissions: taxation could be a real headache to those who don’t have experiences or don’t understand Thailand’s tax systems. We can take care of your headache.

Company Registration / Dissolution

From THB 14,900

Bookkeeping / Monthly Financial Statements

From THB 4,900/Month.

Prepare / Submit Taxes

From THB 2,900/Month.

Payrolls / Tax / Social security

From THB 500/Employee/Month.

Accounting / Business Advisory

Fee based on scope.

Acctegy - a Xero Partner

Xero is the world’s leading cloud-based accounting software, providing real-time accounting, finance, and operations to business owners and management. It’s solutions allow entrepreneurs/management to analyze it’s business operations and make decisions timely.
At Acctegy , our team, as a Certified Advisor and Partner of Xero, is capable of providing our services on Xero platform.

Why Acctegy ?

Our 3 core values when providing services to clients.

Expertise and knowledge

Our team accumulated experiences from large Thai and subsidiaries of foreign MNCs, as well as startups from various industries. The experiences equip us with knowledge and track-record on solving complex problems for our clients.

Honesty and integrity

Honesty and integrity are our DNAs at Acctegy . We adhere to providing services with honesty and high integrity. We tackle issues based on reality and fact, considering long-term sustainable growth, when solving problems for our clients.


Every business demands timely data/information to support their decision making, especially in highly competitive and critical time.

Our Clients

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